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What do high carb raw vegans eat on a daily basis and why?

The first question is usually WHY?

Why are you doing this? Can’t you just “relax” and start eating all the normal things other folks eat? Are
you crazy or what? And anyway, why are you so extreme? This is really not necessary!

If you are a vegan – or a raw vegan – then I’m sure you’ve heard all of the above and more 🙂

The thing is that we cannot understand each other very well while entertaining two completely different perspectives.

While I can more or less relate to what you mean by “being extreme”(been there, done that) it is hard for someone who never gave this lifestyle a chance to understand where I’m coming from…if he doesn’t have an open mind.

However, I know that you are an open minded person who is interested in learning more about the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle! How do I know that? Well, you are still reading, most likely also because you are interested in dramatically improving your health and experiencing high energy levels on a daily basis 🙂

To answer some of the above questions:

I went raw vegan in Summer 2003 because eating raw fruit and veggies is easy, fun and very relaxing!

The so called “normal things” can destroy your health and are not even delicious if you know exactly where the things we call “food” come from.

Eating ripe fruit and veggies has in my opinion nothing to do with being extreme but everything to do with enjoying life to the fullest.

When we move to the second part of the question and focus on the “WHAT”, meaning – what do the raw vegan folks eat and how do they grocery shop in town, – then things get really exciting!

In this video you will find out how easy it is to buy and eat healthy food and how you can make this amazing lifestyle transform your life on all the possible levels.

Let’s dive into the beautiful world of Eternal Abundance where Mother Nature’s gifts to her children are always generous, loving and unconditional. You are one of those wonderful children and


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