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Going raw vegan back in August 2003 was one of the best decisions of my life.

Back then, I didn’t even know that I’m going to fall in love with this lifestyle so much that everything else will become totally unattractive and even boring.

Yes,- it is actually a very enjoyable journey and my favourite part is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything at all.

From now on you don’t have to deprive yourself of experiencing high energy levels, having a healthy body, enjoying the feeling of lightness before AND after eating your meal, clarity of mind, juicy fruit and…laughing with no reason! 😀 The list goes on since changing your eating habits is not really only about food. It’s about our worldview, which changes through our new found approach of enjoying all our activities more consciously and more conscientiously.

Keep in mind that whenever you set yourself a new goal, there is always a simple way of achieving it!

Here come your simple three steps to success:


Once you decided to go raw vegan, your mind will focus on all the information you need in order to succeed. Possibilities, opportunities, open doors and some other doors which you can easily open and go through will start popping right in front of you almost from nowhere. You will start noticing people, events, courses, books and videos which you have been ignoring before, simply because you didn’t know you will benefit from them.


Finding the people who succeeded on the raw vegan lifestyle, reading their books and listening to their podcasts will not only help you to stay on track, but will also inspire you to carry on rawking this amazing lifestyle. Inspiring people are just that: INSPIRING! Inspiration is a beautiful gift all of us can enjoy on a daily basis if we use the right tools for building up our new reality.


Now it’s time to take fierce action and make your dreams come true as fast as possible. Taking fierce action could mean lots of different things: ordering new books, buying fruit, making a smoothie, going for a run, upgrading your peer group by organising a raw vegan potluck, signing up for a raw food festival, starting a new success journal,- or even starting a youtube channel where you can document your success and help all the other beginners to stay on track and enjoy the abundant benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle. 

The possibilities are endless and YOU can influence a lot of people by focusing on taking care of yourself in the best possible way. Why? Because it’s contagious and that’s exactly what we need! 🙂 

Unfortunately most people think that selflove is a form of narcissism while I look at it as a necessity: we can only fall in love with others by falling in love with ourselves in the first place!

Get busy today by falling in love with your beautiful self,- it’s nothing personal after all 🙂 The SELF expresses itself through all and each of us simultaneously and as soon as we become aware of it and align our purpose with the purpose of the Universe, things start shifting fast.

Enjoy this video where I talk about my raw vegan journey and how I got started. Let me know how you are getting on and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some questions or need some encouragement, help or inspiration.

I know that you can do this and that


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